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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  May 2, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> thank you very much. see you both in a minute. 4:29 is the time now. new this morning president trump expected to speak to vladimir putin by phone. it will be the third phone call since they took office and first since russia announced the military strike last month. it is unclear what the two will discuss in today's phone call. >> republicans poised to take a second shot at repealing the affordable care act. it has been scheduled for tomorrow. sources on capitol hill say republicans with within a few votes of the 2 16 necessary. the any bill would allow sites gutmann dates for essential henl benefits and coverage for existing conditions despite a provision that allows states to opt out. president trump insists preexisting conditions will be included. >> i just watched another network than theirs
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not covered. preexisting conditions with in the bill. and i mandated. it i said it has to be. >> well, also breaking up big banks will be on the agenda president trump reiterated campaign pledge to president recollecting provisions of glass steeingle act which separated commercial and investment banking to protect clients. he would consider a increase in the gas tax to pay for highway infrastructure that was not raised since 1983, it's 18 cepts for gas and 24 cepts for diseasele. >> there will be a meeting at american university to discuss an act of race mix. after bananas hung are ties resembling nooses were found at three separate locations. melanie alnwick is live with how the stumingts students and school are responding. >> today is a study day for students as they prepare for final exams. many we
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latest racial incident is hurtful and unwelcomed. as you mentioned, university officials con fir nooses those bananas happening by string that resembles nooses were found on three aka and harambi written on it aka a predominantly black sorority. this was quinn douglass's bhoykt reported this. it happened on the day the first female black president took office and she is member of aka. media was not allowed on campus to attend the meeting of the black student alliance. the students provided us with a photo of what you can see was well attended gathering. more could have been done they feel after the prior racial ins comments september. >> we're trying to come one a list and let to accepted to administration letting them know that all students not just black students and not just minority students
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standing together. >> outrageous, horrible, i'm surprised we had similar incidents that happened like this as in the beginning of the year and i'm hoping university takes actions. >> now, back in september we had two of these similar racial incident one had a banana thrown at her when preparing to dem crate and a banana was placed at a black female resident's door. the first incident was investigated and taken care of through the student conduct process and now they say the latest incident they're getting help from d.c. police to investigate what is going on here. also that campus community meeting held at noon today. live near au. i'm melanie alnwick. "fox5 local news". >> mel, thank you for that. 4:33 is the time and police are serving for a prisonmer that escaped in maryland. david watson slipped out of handcuffs last friday while he was
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evaluation in jessup. he was serving a prison sentence for murder. they upped the reward to $ $10,000 in hopes someone turns him in. >> startling sfatics of student sexual assault. from 2013-14 there were more than 2,000 asults at elementary and secondary schools. here a 14-year-old was stabbed in a private area by a student days ago. she wraeply reported about her daughter being bullied. school says they take bullying seriously. >> nobody did anything about. it assistant principal assured me she was safe nothing would happen they doesn any con concerns. but yet, she was stabbed yesterday. >> parents should know our schools are safe and we take each incidents ever bullying and sexual assault very seriously. >> the associated press investigation also found average age of victims is just over 13. >> happening today, 23 annual
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blue mass here in d.c. first responders from federal, state and local jurisdictions will gaermer for mass. cardinal donald westerly will lead the mass at st. patrick tenth street northwest 12:10 this afternoon and a week before national police week. >> also happening today airline customer service will be the focus on the hill. house transportation committee holds a hearing at 9:30 this morning. united airline ceo oscar nunez and other leaders will testify. mun yos is expected to answer questions about last month's passenger dragging incident and new policies announced recently to make the passenger experience better. today the d.c. court of appeals is expected to here hear a case to halt the p pepsilon measure. the organization believes the merger will be bad for d.c. residents and will result in higher utility bills. >> 4:35 is the time
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time to talk weather with michael thomas mike today may be near perfect is that true or rumor. >> that is true. assigned from the winld. a breeze today and we'll get rid of the humidity early summerlike feel. and coming up later this week air conditioners will get a much needed break. satellite and radar showing showers leftover coming from northern montgomery county and howard county and baltimore county early this morning. again those will clear the region shortly and all sunshine after that. reagan national 72 right now and dulles 78. quick look at the planner. temperatures around that 70 mark all day. again without the humidity feeling pretty pleasant. that's the weather. over to airport for a check of traffic. >> well, right now it's 4:36 and we're taking a look at tuesday morning drive inside the beltway nice and quiet. same story topside of the beltway no problems 95, bw parkway. baltimore beltway to capitol beltway in the clear. we like the drive times. 27
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there overnight construction 66 eastbound and westbound fairfax county parkway in the process of clearing no delays in i'mer direction. questions @erinfoxdc on twitter, back to you. >> coming up on "fox 5 news morning" the state department issued a travel warning in isal moist guarantee toymd pact summer vacations. >> service academy athletes will no longer be allowed to go pro without fulfilling commitment to the country. >> we're going to break now. a live look across dmv. 5:37 is the time and 71 the temperature. back in a
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>> these are the stories you're engaging with most on social media. >> holly joins us. >> first up the u.s. state department issues a travel alert for europe. over a concern about the threat of terror attacks. and officials say the alert was not prompted by a specific threat and
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been attacks in several countries including france, sweden and uk. and alert expires september 1. >> and let's go to dallas, texas now video is surfacing couldn't districting what happened in a deadly police involved shooting that left a black teenager dead. the video shows 15-year-old jordan edwards drive ago way from police instead of towards them when he was fatally shot. shooting happened on day. it is under investigation. the officer involved on administrative leave. >> pentagon cracking down on its policy to require all athletes to serve at least two years of active duty if they attend a service academy. that means athletes won'ting granted exceptions anymore especially those looking to go pro. they must fulfill service requirements first. >> white house isen dying it is cutting former first lady michelle obama education program. cnn reported last night white house planned ton stop her let girls learn initial tich the program
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opportunities for girls in developing countries. white house says there's no change to the program but cutting stricter school knew tition standard mrs. obama pushed. >> and finally stars were out in new york last night for the annual met gay lay biggest fundraiser of the year for the metropolitan museum of art and it's known for the outrageous outfits you see opt red ca carpet. exhibit a. super modelgiesle and tom brady were cochairs of the event turn heads on the carpet, rhianna, selena gomez, and the weekend who shared a smooth and halle berry, all is good, she recovered. at ease. >> those flowers are amazing or whatever that is. >> looks like toilet paper. >> i thought it was construction painer. >> they look like flowers. >> i think my daughter made something like that at school the other day. i didn't wear it. >> i think i threw something in the trash like that a couple days ago.
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>> let's not dish the fak. >> it's all up to interpretation. >> wisdom, hit the nail on the head. >> thank you, >> you're welcome. >> coming up "fox news morning" one of the country's most popular fastfood restaurants taking a david to thank educators. >> and debate is growing over funding for metro plan on the purposing line. >> headed to break with a live look outside. already 71 degrees. relax. it's shaping up to be probably one of the best days thus far. that's what mike thomas said echoed by wisdom martin. all good. 4:4 2. we'll be back fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too.
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>> good morning and welcome to "fox news morning". if are you waking up at 4:45 here are day's top stories. south korea u.s. anti-missile defense system known as fad is operational. officials say it is capable of interest cementing and controlling any ballistic missiles. >> tentative contract deal is between tv and film writers and presenters and the deal came 90 minutes after deadline passed. writers build of america pushing for better pay and healthcare as well. it's unclear what the tentative day continues and when it will be voted on and appears the threat of writer strike has passed at least for
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>> vice-president mike pence has agreed to be the speaker at the u.s. naval academy annapolis at the navy marine corps stadium. >> janet jackson is going on tour. state of the world tour will begin in september louisiana, hitting 56 cities. she'll nerve d.c. november 16. another show is planned for saturday never 18 and baltimore. tickets go on sale this fr friday. >> you know she will be snatched and amazing man. >> good to go. >> janet jackson is back. >> 4:46 good morning to you i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> tuesday, may 2, erin como talking about the roads. first, michael thomas talking about a great day that we have in store. >> really good day coming up here. it will be kind of making transition back to springtime from the summerlike warm weaver been stuck in over the past couple days. he's future cast 6:00 in the morning. clouds coming through and spotty shower here and that quickly moves on and look at future
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afternoon. lots of sunshine coming your way and temperatures in the 70s later this afternoon. that will feel absolutely fantastic. 78 your daytime high today. cooler tomorrow only staying in the 60s for most of us. 60s thursday as well with showers during the afternoon and looking soggy saturday. >> got word from d.c. police traffic they closed 300 block of e street north west. working on getting more information than that. detour around that. we'll bring you the information when we get. it tag a look at wide view of the beltway oxon hill problem free annandale and false church i'll let you know if anything changes metro gearing up 5 a.m. questions erin fox d.c. on twitter. wisdom, maureen, back to you. >> we continue to follow breaking story cam bus of american university. students are he respopding to a racist incident on a black sorority
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>> melanie alnwick is live on campus with more. mel. >> good morning, guys, today is a study day. students prepare for final scams. many we talked to say this latest incidents is hurts full and unwelcomed. you're looking at pictures that were published in the student newspaper. these are bananas found happening string that resembles nooses. found at three locations on campus, university officials confirming three incidence. the words harambi and aka written on them referring to alpha kappa alpha a predominantly black sorority it happened on the day the first black female president took office also a member of aka. immediate what was not allowed on campus to atemd the meeting of the black student alliance you can see from photos provided to us it was very well attended and students attending this meeting told us they feel that more could have been done after
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ins dmenlts september. >> we're trying to come up with a list and let to send to administrationet willing them know all students than campus withstanding together. >> outrageous, horrible, i'm hoping the university takes action. now, at the start of the school year. a member of the black student alliance had a banana thrown at her while the group was preparing to demonstrate. days later a banana was placed at or near a black female student door in a resident hall. the first incident was investigated and those responsible was held accountable through the student conduct process. they called this koudry and despicable and they're working with metropolitan, d.c. police here and looking at campus surveillance video as well trying to find out who you was responsible for the latest
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community meeting being held at noon. melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> melanie, thank you very much. 4:49 is the time. happening today prince george country executive sharon ba bainger hosting event for funding for metro purposing line. the evet will be held in front of silver spring lib library. metro is promised to get full federal funding in october under draft investigation of federal funding bill expected to come for a vote in kong dwres later this week. purple line expected to get millions under the federal plan. last year the purple line was close to signing a full federal funding only for the process to be stopped by a federal judge. >> happening today in the districts, mayor bowser was break ground on new mixed use development project in southeast. project will include 36 affordable housing units and 4,000 square feet of commercial space. it's nearly 74 million complex near the navy yard. the prom secretary part of larger complex and one
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will have more than 700 affordable units. >> today the postal service is kicking off stamp out hunger campaign between now and may 1. mail carriers will be collecting non parishable food donations left in mailboxes all 50 states and d.c. and last year 80 million pouvrpdz food were collected. >> it's teacher apreciation weekend today and which i p poltly is saying okay to all teachers. any teach whor shows an id 3 to closing today can get a bogo burrito, salad, bowl or tark owe. there's a limit of one free item per educator. >> sound like a winner. >> yeah. >> all right. coming up on "fox5 news morning" prosecute areas fi fighting to prevent erin hernandez conviction and going live right now 71 degrees, 4 4:51 on this tuesday the second day of may. michael thomas
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morebility forecast coming up a little bit later. back in a
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>> that request side a massachusetts law saying it a defendant dies before app appeal is made is vacated. he was serving life in prison for a 2013 murder. >> trump administration r rolling back provisions championed by former first lady michelle obama. sunny perdue made the announcement during a visit to
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cotoctin elementary school. schools will not have to cut salt from the meals yet or serve more whole grained food. they can serve 1% flavored instead of non fat now required. trump administration is committed to providing healthy food to kids and does not think a federal man state required. coming to a grocery store near you lab grown meats possibly in the next five years. memphis meats introduced animal free meat ball last year saying it grew the nraet cells in a lab. the company wants to put its products on storeselves by 2022 including beef, chicken and duck. question is would you eat l lab-grown meat. >> absolutely not. >> absolutely not. >> absolutely not. >> and i hope they tell us about this because don't have me eating manufactured whatever. >> stuff. >> yeah. >> ew. >> if you need more fiber in your diet look no further than a coke. soda giant introduced a new drink called coca-cola plus. no calorie
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grams of dextrin source of dietary fiber. no word if that will be in united states you. >> don't want to wash down fake meat wth the. >> fake stuff yeah mike at least we can agree the weather will be mazeing today. >> you have that right. lots of sunshine coming your way. temperatures cooler than yesterday and pleasantly warm out there. 58 to 68 degrees. clouds to start. definitely breezy the first half of day as well after school 70 to 79 degrees. sunshine and warm and ple pleasant. humidity will be out of here. and temperatures the next few days cooler. 60s wednesday and thursday and late day showers on thursday turn into all day soap fest on friday. we head into the weekend. mid 60s around with a chance of showers each day. that's a check of the for forecast. erin is back with traffic. >> that's right, 4:56 keeping eyes on roads and rails. 300 block of east street northwest remains closed with police activity. use caution there as you head out west of 35.
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taking a wide view of tuesday morning drive. beltway quiet. gw parkway good problem free reagan national and dulles and bwi. if you have an early morning flight to catch metro pick up. except for safe track. we'll look at that next. questions erin fox d.c. on twitter. back to you maureen and wi wisdom. >> coming up on "fox news morning" president trump preparing for phone conversation with vladimir putin. >> and investigators widen search for escaped convict. >> we're headed to break now. a live look across the d.c. region kung fu fighting♪ >> 4:57 is the time. 71 degrees. temperature hopeful will you getting you going tuesday morning. thanks for joining us we'll be back with more news after the break.
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sxwlvr today on "fox news morning". health care reform. lawmaker move closer to holding a vote on a bill to repeal the affordable care act. >> act of racism. educators and students at american university reacting to news of another racist incident on the northwest campus. >> looking live on the dmv this tuesday morning. prepare yourself for mild morning and georgous sunny


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